Personal coaching with emphasis on Emotion Freedom Technique Tapping.

Quit SmokingWeight LossPain Relief PhobiasProcrastinationSelf Confidence

The amazing thing about tapping is that it can be done in person or remotely and still deliver the same effective and immediate results.

We can have a session and you don’t even have to leave your home”

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Having sessions in person is ideal, however the nature of EFT Tapping allows me to help and reach out to more people via Skype or video call.


5 Sessions (Recommended)

$59.99 per session total value $299.95 +tax. Each session is a half hour, with the exception of session #1. This is a free half hour consultation and your first session, total time is 1 hour.

This package allows us to get to the root cause and induce emotional and physical change. Two follow up session then help to more deeply dissolve the associations these issues were built on.

Individual sessions:

$79.99 +tax each. These sessions are best for follow up and maintenance. Ideal for people who have already been through the process or who have time constraints and a hectic schedule.

Each of these session is one to one and a half hours long. Fist half our is a free consultation, followed by the one hour session. If you are unable to do the full one and a half hours, the consultation can always be done, then the session scheduled separately.

The only way to get the results you want is to start the process of change. So why not start where it counts most. After all your its your body, your mind and your life. Let me help you become the person you know you can be. Contact me today!

This is how Tapping helped me quit smoking and become highly self disciplined. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Pat 4, Part 5

EfFT/TFT Tapping practitioner Certificate from the Priority Academy.  Instructed by Graham Nichols.