Have some Ambition Damn it!

I had a debate with a friend of a friend the other day.  We were talking about how hard it is now to find a job.  How the wages don’t reflect living standards and the opportunity to get ahead is slowly dwindling.

It’s tight for sure and for those out of work, due to the pandemic.  Recieving money from the government is only going to cover the basics. 

We’ve kind of settled on this underlying expectation, that individuals are supposed to prosper in this situation.  As if it was the responsibility of government or someone other than our selves to advance our financial and emotional circumstances.

Are we just supposed to give up on ambition?

Because, if that’s the case we’re host to financial and emotional suffering.  Effectively giving up and waiting for someone to take care of us.

Yes I beleive in a time like this, the governement has an obligation to support it’s people.  Especially if they are asking that we stay home. 

But, it’s also on our individual shoulders to recognize the changing times and adapt.  We have to take some kind of responsability for our own progress.  The government is not the end all and be all of our ability to live.  But it is giving people the opportunity right now, to readjust, change and find new ways to progress.

In no way should that mean rely on them for your prosperity.  What that does mean, is that we now have another opportunity to evolvd how we work, where we work and what it is that we work for.

Never will there be a time when I expect someone else to give me a hand out in order to get ahead.  It’s my own ambition that I rely on, to get to the next level.  If I didn’t have that, then yeah I’d probably think I deserved a hand out.

The bottom line is we don’t! 

We shouldn’t expect it.  Instead, we should take that expectation and focus it on what we can control.  This idea that we are owed something is preposturous.

Ultimately it’s up to us to take the wheel and drive in the direction we want.  Screw all this woe is me bull shit.  If you don’t like your situation and you’re not doing anything about it.  Then you have a problem.  You lack ambition. 

Ambition isn’t a dream or thought process.  Ambition is the drive to change your situation or circumstance. 

So when I was asked why or how someone is supposed to live off $500 week.  I explained they aren’t.  This is a suppliment to help keep you with the bare necessities.  It’s still up to you to adapt and make your situation what you want it to be.

If you think it’s someone elses responsibility to make it better for you, you’re going to be waiting a long damn time!

You can have all the brilliant ideas you want.  If your not putting them to action, you’re just thinking, pondering possibility and dreaming of what could be.

That’s not ambition, that’s hope.  Hope that someone else will do the work for you.  No one is going to do that.  You have to make it happen and make your situation change.

So get off your ass, out of your head and put in the work!

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