Make YOUR LIFE better for YOU!

“Yeah MO FO! That’s what I’ve been trying to do”. 

Is what you’re probably thinking to yourself. You may even have a side of, “Who’s this F’n guy?” With that.

I get it.  You’ve been trying and seemingly seen no change.  But if you really are putting in the effort, can you honestly say, that in reflection, nothing has changed?

I’m willing to bet, that you have.  You are.  And you will continue to make positive, progressive change.  You’re just missing it or you’re full of shit and you really aren’t trying.

See I deeply believe that mindset is what makes life great.  It’s the one thing that you can influence on a constant basis and get immediate results.  We’ve just been trained to demand larger than life results and accept nothing less than a mind blowing block buster of a change.

Those are reserved for the unnexpected, fortunately and unfortunately. 

They become the bar we set for ourselves and whether we want to believe it or not, we aren’t all going to get there.  What we need to dial in, is the minor moments of finness.  The trying times, where we prevailed and didn’t allow emotion to take us down.

Those moments are the victories, the reps that make you stronger.  If you don’t recognize those subtle changes, the intent of change gets lost in the wind.  You stay stagnent and depleted. Drained of positive growth and progressive thoughts.

In changing, the recognition of change is the accomplishment.  People around you won’t recognize the adjustments you’ve made, the effort you put in or the change itself, because they are rapped up in their own attempt to navigate life.  They all aren’t on the same self aware path as you either.

So be selfish when it comes to your outlook.  If it doesn’t vibe with you, don’t engage or at the very least, limit the ammount of energy you invest in it. 

Every situation has a positive in it.  You need to find it.  Some times it’s not even that positive it’s just, “not as bad” as the bigger picture. Fnd positivity in your strength to execute and deal with moments of tribulation.  Because again that is the real victory, the real positive change.

Making your life better for you is not about isolating or disconnecting from negativity, pressure or stress.  It’s about compartmentalizing feelings and emotions.

Humans get emotionally attached to almost everything.  It’s good, it fuels empathy and triggers a sense of community and belonging. 

When you compartmentalize your thoughts, you’re more capable of containing the emotion associated with it.  Making it easier for you to focus it in the appropriate place.  It also allows you to revisit those moments, deal with them and move on.

The next time your stuck dealing with what seems like the end of the world.  Reflect on your moments in battle not the whole war. 

How you proceeded through those moments, reveals the positive progress you’ve made.

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