Monday Motovation

I am who I am, I do what I do.

Your beatings don’t faze me.

Say what you say, but you know You don’t hate me.

Point me to grace and I’ll scratch and claw.

Beat down the walls and break down the barriers, that you say carried us here.

The light, the fear.

Sweat dripping, Smilling ear to ear.

You trippin If you think I’m Splitting.

There is no fear here.

There was but it’s crushed, smashed into dust.

Thrust back in to the atmosphere.

Returned in love, unshackled and clear.

A presence you can’t break, movements you can’t shake.

I don’t stop for you, or get got for you.

When I give in, It’s cause, I have nothing left to spend.

My drive, My heart, My will.

Nothing stops or brakes,

Untill I let it.

Do you Get It?

I won’t get dropped and stay down.

There I said it.  You read it.

Now it’s imbeded In your head and the discussion is over.

Let me take this moment, to let you know that you can move bolders and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motovation

    • Good question…. i was reflecting on the ups and downs of life, the perseverance it takes to over come person failures and the mindset and confidence it takes to know that you can succeed. Thank you very much for reading. Wonderful question too.


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