Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose is like playing hide and seek with a three yr old.  It’s right in front of you, but you pretend you don’t see it.

With all the noise in life we very easily get caught up in distraction.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should do and how you should do it.

One of the things I’ve learned is no matter what path you take, what job you’re in or what lifestyle you lead.  There will always be a nagging voice in the back of your mind trying to direct you towards your path.

Sure you can take the safe job, make the easy decision and generally try to follow the rules, whatever those may be.  But if your not doing in some capacity what you want, you will hit a wall of frustration and discontent.

So how do we find and accept our purpose?  Well we listen.  We feel and we reassess our situation.

If your in a job you find tedious or boring and you just go through the motions, then your obviously not fulfilling your purpose.  

I’m even willing to bet you spend most of your days in that job, thinking, “Why cant I get out of this, someone or something save me and get me outta here”.  

No one is going to pull you out. You have to do it.  I don’t mean you can’t get help to change your situation.  I’m saying that internal whining is not going to do it.  You need to do it.  Change your thought from “help me”  to “how am I going to help my self”.

Then start listening to the voice you’ve muzzled, shoved into the darkest recesses of your thoughts and tried to ignore.  That voice is you, it’s your wants, your needs, your desires and dreams.  

Instead of listening to the people around you telling you to play it safe.  Listen to your voice, learn from it, trust in it, because it will let you know if your moving in the right direction.

I’ve always listened to family and friends.  I took the safe job, did the right thing and lived a pretty easy and fearless life. Until I really started listening to that voice and quite honestly it was the best thing I ever did, I actually feel like I’m moving on my path.  It’s not comfortable, it’s not easy and it’s scary as all hell.  But that voice in my head has transformed from a stifled squeal, to a confidence boosting roar.

Every time I doubt what I’m doing, no matter how down about it I get, that voice pops up, saying “you got this it will work.” And all of a sudden I’m walking tall again.

So how did I find my purpose?

First I had to give into my true belief.  How do I see the world, how do I want to integrate myself in to it.  Do I agree with the structure of society?  Do I conform to the industrial and economic standards and practices we’ve been taught is the “safe” life?


Do I see a window of opportunity that circumvents that and offers in my opinion a more fulfilling and less repetitive integration?

These questions stirred up the independence needed to find confidence in my inner direction and purpose.

As you explore where you stand on the structure of your reality, you can in turn start to make choices that better satisfy your conscious and subconscious directive.

Once you’ve begun to understand and accept that interpretation, start choosing activities, hobbies, classes and social associations, that feed off, inspire, motivate and teach you about yourself.  Exploring a broad range of interests is one of the best ways to narrow down what you really want.

To know what you want, you have to reflect.  Finding your purpose is born from understanding and accepting yourself.  If your truthful and realistic with your expectations, taking the time to know your strengths and weaknesses, accept them, embrace them and highlight the qualities that best suit you.

For example….

Like I said at the beginning of the article, I was doing what other people said was the “proper” way to do things.

I constantly ignored my creative side because that was a gamble, potentially spending years in squalor in the pursuit of maybe, possibly achieving massive creative success.  

Instead I took safe jobs, tried building a career the “right way” the “safe way”.  But I never got comfortable, I always hit a wall where I felt like this just wasn’t me.  So when I started this blog I found satisfaction, writing gave me the creative outlet I’ve been striving for.

In trying to grow the blog, I entered into entrepreneurship, with advertising, merch and a YouTube channel.  This satisfied the yearning to be my own boss and call the shots.

The next piece to the puzzle was my need to help.  Whether you want it or not I’m driven to help.  So I’ve added the element of personal development, self improvement, and personal change into what I write and what I present over on my YouTube channel.  

Granted all of these things are in the infancy stages, but it’s the first time in my life, since playing basketball, that there is no doubt in my mind I can make this a success. The difference between this and basketball, is, I’m older and wiser, stopping or giving up to pursue something else before the ultimate goal is reached, is not an option.

This is how I found, developed and refined my purpose.

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4 thoughts on “Finding your purpose

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It really is empowering to actually listen to that inner voice that’s in us all from time to time. It helps to ground you, set you on the right path, and make the changes you want to see in yourself. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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