Whatever struggle you feel, channel that, focus it into competition of self.  For example mine is anger, because I don’t have sports to let out the aggression.  I’ve had to find other ways to channel it.

The other day I was playing darts in my garage, I wasn’t doing well and I started to get frustrated.  I took that and applied it to the game, getting more aggressive with my throws, which in turn added the level of accuracy that I needed.

After the game, as I polished off a beer and watched “The Run Down”.  It dawned on me, that success in anything is not only focus, drive and ambition, but also ones ability to direct their hurt and anger towards a positive mindset.

If I can take my anger and aggression and channel it into a simple game of darts against the computer.  

Seriously, I got all worked up over a dart game that wasn’t even real.  Think about that for a minute.

Then surely I and you can take our fears, our anger, resentment, general dissatisfaction with our plot in life and refocus it towards the aspirations we have for our selves.

So focusing your energy on success and financial freedom seems logical.  Life is the hardest game you can play, there are levels though and to figure out how to move up, ideally you figure out how to channel all the negative moments, anxiety filled interactions and hurt or fear filled feelings, into building yourself up, growing and developing as a human, ultimately competing with yourself to graduate in maturity, mindset, self exploration and growth.

If you don’t understand you, then what ever your pursuit in life, will always feel hallow, unfulfilling and tedious.

There is no reason that with the right mindset and influences in your life you can’t better your personal situation to the extent that at some point, you will be able to repay that success to others.

After all we are on the same rock, inhabiting a single sphere of greatness, floating through a universe, the depths of which unknown to man kind.

Our self improvement is detrimental to the happiness we live with.  The more comfortable and accepting you are with and of yourself, the happier an existence you will lead.

Take that angst, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear, put it to work for you, don’t let it take away your freedom, force it to be your fire!

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2 thoughts on “Proper MANAGEMENT of FEAR, ANXIETY and ANGER, can BOOST productivity, FOCUS and SELF DISCIPLINE.

  1. You are so on point here, anger can be a great motivator, although it’s tricky to channelize this into fueling yourself. But once you do it the fruits are enormous! Thanks this lovely post!


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