EMBRACING CHANGE from JustinBarone to PappaChino

Just over a year ago I started this blog.  Justinbarone.com, personal development, motivation for change written from experience.  The intent was to offer a simple but definitive starting point for people to begin their personal growth.

Whether it’s retraining your mindset from negative to positive, sculpting your body into the superhero you think you are, dealing with the ups and downs of parenting or just simply trying to find the fun in life.  The goal has always been for this to be a a place for anyone and everyone, looking for simple and direct ways to start the process of change and find the inspiration to kick start your own personal development.

Now it’s time to take this concept to the next level.

As of June.6.2020 Justinbarone.com is taking the next step towards growth.  Bringing all content under one brand, giving you more depth and variety and quite frankly making the right decision and simplifying the delivery.  (see what I did there, a little “self improvement” of my own, that’s right I learn too).

You still get great blog content, I mean, I think it’s great.  Since personal development is not just about one thing.  I refuse to pigeonhole myself in to the standard box of self improvement.  To me personal development isn’t just self reflection, mindfulness, fitness and a more accepting lifestyle and mindset.  It is also taking the time to find the fun.  Be silly and do things that make you laugh and act like a kid.

To further develop a community around that concept I’m bringing my brand, opinion and motivation to YouTube.  Where I can share a variety of content full of, experience, entertainment, personality, advice and insight, because no one is one thing, we are many and that uniqueness is what helps us be better humans.

With that said, don’t freak out when you see some of the changes that take place on June.6.2020, Justinbarone.com is officially changing it’s name to Pappachino.com.  The site graphics and banners are going to change from this…  

justinbarone.com header image

 To this…  

This is the vision I’ve been building over the past year, as I learn and grow my blog. My plan was always to move under the Pappachino brand. I have a great feeling about this and I know you will like it too.

Your support has been crucial in evolving this.  Thank you very much for reading and following along. Now that the sight design and branding are under one name it should be easier to follow. Check it out.

YouTube – PappaChinoSays

Merch – PappaChinoSays

Instagram – PappaChinoSays

Pinterest – PappaChino

Facebook – PappaChinoSays

Lets interact, start a discussion and build a community that helps everyone find their starting point.

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