LEVEL UP in LIfe. It’s a GAME. LEARN how to PLAY it.

Have you ever noticed, the more you focus on changing one aspect of your life.  The more obsessed with results you become.  Evoking a myriad of emotions. Most notably frustration.

Have you also noticed, that within your frustration, lies the antidote. The roller coasters off switch, if you will.

I watched a video on Facebook a few weeks back. It seemed like a bunch of phooey BS. The video was about attracting money…

Just hear me out here…

I’m not selling this concept.

I was just curious. So I watched.

The idea behind it, was that you thank your money when you get it, and you thank your money when you give it. Thus creating a cycle of good fortune and the accumulation of wealth.

Yup I’m thinking the same thing. “Get the F outta here.”

Obviously this seems like a bunch of nonsense.

After a few days I started to digest it a little deeper.

Even though, thanking my money is possibly the most preposterous thing I could do. I thought, what if I changed the way I interact with it. Instead of viewing bills and money as combatants and a source of anxiety. Take a more necessity based, analytical approach and remove emotional attachment from the equation.

At the time I watched that video, I was clearly looking for ways to, not only improve my financial situation, but also tighten up where I was at.

Finding new ways to improve the management of my basic financial necessities, was a top priority. It was also becoming a great source of stress.  Over thinking what to do and how to do it.

The frustration that comes with eliminating unnecessary parts of your daily routine. Like any other change, it’ll show you what your made of. It’s a bit dangerous when it turns in to an obsession though.

This is when and where I learned, that, self improvement, in all it’s aspects. Is really about letting go.  Not neglecting responsibility or skirting my obligations but instead recognizing and understanding my own influence, then letting  that redirect my focus, outlook and planning.   Allowing me to learn and evolve.  At the same time shedding the stress these personal improvements cause.  

So after mulling this money thanking idea over for a few days. I decide that having a friendly conversation with paper or piece of plastic at a check out counter, wasn’t gonna fly.

Instead I vowed to do two things.  

The first, make sure that I was not living beyond my means.  Even though it took some time to get down to the bare bones of it.  Once I did.  The changes I had to make were relatively easy.  Instituting those changes was a whole different story.  I had to adopt a black and white view of money.  It is a commodity for trade. Nothing more. It had to hold no emotional value.  As hard as it was at first.  

Secondly, I had to take on an almost hippy like approach to cash flow.  Meaning I had to treat it as something that I didn’t care about.  I couldn’t allow myself to be bothered by not having or having it.  It worked though.  Eventually I didn’t have to check my accounts to know what I had in them and I hadn’t even been tracking spending at that point.

I stopped worrying about not having enough. I bought what I needed and if there was a little extra I fought the urge to blow it on some stupid shit. That’s basically what change is, restraining yourself from doing dumb shit. So I did that for a little while and money became an after thought. Through a detached and aloof attitude I watched a shift take place.

Where I would have to push off paying a bill here and there, by a week. Now I was starting to pay some bills ahead of time. Eventually it moved to having a few extra dollars left over.

When I let go of the emotional attachment and let the money cycle through me. I inadvertently started to accumulate it. Changing my direction of thought and my course of action, really helped improve my ability to manage money. Ultimately producing small but influential benefits.

Any personal change you make whether it be, financial, health and fitness related or emotional. They come incrementally. Slowly over shadowing their counter productive predecessor.

Leveling up, most often means letting go. Ridding yourself of the emotional fixation that takes over when you demand results. Step back and take a “big picture” view of your situation, allocate the necessary emotional resources. Take an analytic approach, trust in the process.

I know that sounds a bit corny to say. I have experienced it. Know that whatever deposit you make, in the bank of you. Will turn out profitable. When you’re not sure where to start. Start with the basics, the simplest thing to do is take one action towards your goal.


You can rub the belly of a “money Buddha” statue.  For an entire Saturday afternoon.  Hoping that the brinks truck will show up with your skids of cash.

Either way it’s up to you!

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